About Us

Modern women have taken on many important roles both at home and in workplaces. However when it comes to meeting challenges from both home and work, good health is more important to women than their talents and extraordinary ability to work.

The Hong Kong Health Practice aims at safeguarding women's health through professional obstetric and gynaecology services. Obstetrics and gynaecology specialists and the supporting team at the center provide women's health check-ups, offers consultations for diagnosis and treatment for women’s diseases. We perform gynaecological surgeries and .obstetric delivery to women. In addition, the center offers fertility and family planning guidance, giving women the updated information in women’s heatlh. The consultations and examinations are performed in a comfortable setting where women’s privacy is honored. With the use of high-precision state-of-art medical equipment, women's health needs at different stages of their lives will be met.